Sponsorship is full for 2017 unless you have a very very very unique proposition.  Thank you.

Sponsorship Opportunities

We at Zurlique are constantly on the look out for potential teams to do full or partial sponsorship on sports apparels.

Here's some tips on what you should do when approaching us.

1.  Ask not what we can do for you but what you can do for us. 

-  We are a business entity and a sponsorship needs to be a mutually benefiting arrangement.

-  What we can do for you is pretty straight forward, we provide your team with the apparels either full or at a discounted price.

-  What your team can do for Zurlique?  Thats the question that only you can answer...

2. Be realistic in the sponsorship amount.

-  Zurlique is not Standard Charterd but you are also not Liverpool (Just Kidding) thus we have limitations as to what we can do.

-  Please do not ask for monetary sponsorship.  We only do what we do best and that's sports apparels.

3.  Why do you need sponsorship?

-  Not everyone is looking for a sponsor because they cannot afford the jerseys.  Having a sponsor logo on your jersey not only make your jerseys look more pro but it also send the message to your opponents that "Hey I am so good that I have a sponsor" so its half the battle won even before kick off.  Lol...

-  Of course there are cases where you need that extra bit of sponsorship dollars to take your team further...

-  So whatever the situation your team is facing, share with us why do you need a sponsorship from us.

Sponsorship is usually a long term commitment involving both parties.  The least you should have is a properly set up team with relevant positions in the hierarchy filled up.  If your team do not have consistency and you cant even get enough players to play every Sunday with your friends, you do not need a sponsor.

Castilla FC is a Singapore Football Club with players from Singapore, Malaysia and Italy.

Currently holding first place in a local amatuer league.

Our address is Primz Bizhub, 21 Woodlands Close, #02-24, Singapore 737854.


Please feel free to visit us to view and try samples.  We can open on weekends and night time to suit your time.  Please call first before coming.


For enquiries, please call Gerald at 97748888 or email us at