5 things you need to know about tshirt printing

Got a design in mind and want to print it on a shirt?


Here are 5 things you ought to know before getting your shirt printed.


1.  Custom-ink - Free t-shirt mock up designs software/website

  • Are they really free? 
    • not exactly, you can only see your t-shirt mockups from the free service. 
  • You CANNOT download the logo files for printing unless you pay them.
  • These t-shirt mockups are useless to the printers. 

2.  What are the best files for printing?

  • The best printing files are usually vector files.  However unless you are a designer or your logo is designed by a professional, you wont have a vector file.
  • High resolution images can be considered as an alternative if you do not have a vector file. Anything above 1MB should be okie.
3.  I saw a nice t-shirt online, can i show a picture of a tshirt design and get it printed? 
  • Straight answer is NO.
  • Basic rules applies, you need to provide the image files to print the t-shirt.

4.  Should i choose silkscreen, sublimation, heat transfer or DTG or embroidery?

  • If your quantity is just a few pieces and on a budget, the only option is heat transfer.  There are not many DTG services and they are expensive.

5.  What t-shirt fabric should i use? Cotton t shirt or dri fit t shirt?

  • It depends on your needs and purpose.
    • Cotton more for casual wear.
    • Dri fit more for outdoor or physical activities.

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