Get your cheap custom print hoodies right here.  We have years of experience with hoodies.  Silkscreen, embroidery, heat transfer printing are commonly used for printing hoodies.  Hoodies is the easy way to look cool and casual.  You do not have to think much about what to wear,  Can be worn in school, offices, public transport almost daily.

Our hoodies are perfect for graduation class, overseas team bonding, company events, seminar, sports team and so on.

We have various types of hoodies from different fabric to suit your needs and requirements.  From thinner type to full fleece hoodies for colder climate

We do not need a minimum order quantity for hoodies order. Single piece ok. 


Oversized hoodies (D14)

What is a hoodie?


What is a hoodie and are they suitable in a country like Singapore?


The answer is yes they can be worn for various occasions even in a hot climate like Singapore.   We carries hoodies of different grade and thickness to suit the climate.  


Trend for modern day hoodies was actually started by Knickerbocker Knitting Company which later went to to become a brand that we are familiar with. Champion.  It was developed to help warehouse worker keep warm in the cold New York winter.


Though we do not have such cold climate in Singapore, hoodies can be used in school lecture theatre, public transport, offices, on the plane etc. Not only they keep you warm, it also serves as a fashion statement looking like hip hop stars.


One of the most commonly used fabric for making hoodies are cotton and cotton poly.  This fabric brings out the best in cotton properties into your lifestyle.  If you are using it in a really cold place, then nothing beats fleece wool.  It may not be as comfortable as cotton but it will protect you against the cold.  However if you are wearing the hoodie for sports, polyester hoodies would be worth considering as they are relatively inexpensive compared to 100% cotton ones.


We can do custom print on your hoodies.  For sports teams, corporate events, seminar, company retreat, school freshmen, class graduation, family holidays, gatherings etc.  We can do silkscreen, heat transfer printing as well as embroidery.  Even 1 piece can be done.


Call us for an enquiry and quote today.  



Embroidery on hoodie

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Please feel free to visit us to view and try samples.  We can open on weekends and night time to suit your time.  Please call first before coming.


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