Printing Fonts

The largest and latest sports fonts for football and basketball are available for your selection at 


Please note the following:

1.  Fonts size and ratio will be adjusted to cater to different numbers, names and shirt size.

2.  We are not responsible for any misinterpretations of the fonts names against the actual fonts used by the teams listed.

3.  Please choose the fonts based on the design shown and not based on the team names without even looking at the fonts design.


2022 Qatar World Cup Fonts

World cup fonts
World cup fonts

World cup fonts
World cup fonts

Basketball Fonts

Football Fonts

For Real Madrid fonts, there wont be the white little dots on the number.

Types of prints

Heat Transfer Print/Vinyl Print


The most common type of print for small batch prints.  Colorful and vibrant prints can be achieved.  

There are many different grades when it comes to heat transfer.  Some cheap prints will peel and fade after 1 wash.  Our prints usually lasts for more than a year even with weekly washing with machine.  


Advantage:  Vibrant colors, Durable, Can do in small batches and in various sizes, can match closely to the original artwork design and color.


Disadvantage:   Can be costly if  there are many prints or if the print surface area is big.  Color will eventually lighten after many washes.

Sublimation Print


There are full sublimation and partial sublimation prints.  Full sublimation often refers to the type where the whole jersey is custom design and print from scratch (ie cycling jerseys).  Partial sublimation is similar to heat transfer where logos or words can be printed on a ready made jersey.


Advantage:  Cheaper, suitable for big area color prints as its costs are lower.  It will never fade or peel.  Think of it as a tattoo where the ink has submerged into the fabric itself.


Disadvantage:  Colors and prints will not be as sharp and vibrant compared to heat transfer.  For partial sublimation, it is often only possible if your fabric is white or a relatively light colored tone.  (think of a dark tone skin with a tattoo, the effects would not be clear).

Silkscreen printing.


One of the oldest form of printing in use today.  It has been around since i dont know when.  However with the advancement of technologies in heat transfer, silkscreen printing is losing its ground as it is labour and time intensive. 


Advantage:  Cheaper for large qty of single color prints.  Prints won't peel however it may crack or fade over a period of time.


Disadvantage:  Limited fonts selection.  Not suitable for small qty jobs.  May have shadow prints in some cases.

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