05 October 2021
5 useful silkscreen printing tips.
Here are 5 tips about silkscreen printing that you want to know before talking to your printer.
22 September 2021
5 things you need to know about tshirt printing
Common questions about t-shirt printing answered.
01 July 2021
Trashing for Tampines - Was it really that bad?
This morning, social media was ablazed with comments like What a shame, what a disgrace, what nonsense, players no pride etc etc.. 9 nil trashing is a tough pill to swallow especially on a professional level. However was it really that bad? Yours truly helped to break down the numbers behind the scoreline. Jeonbuk is owned by Hyundai Motors. I need not go into detail how much money they have. Tampines Chairman is Desmond Wong, a lawyer. There are 3 Korean national players in Jeonbuk. (Lee Yong,...
28 June 2021
How to break Spain possession play
03 June 2021
England squad woes already began...before the tournament
Is Gareth Southgate going to play a back 5 defence?
27 May 2021
Europa 2021 - Is it De Gea's fault for Manchester United's defeat to Villarreal?
Is De Gea to blame for United's defeat?
27 May 2021
Euro 2020 article - who's the bookie favourite?
First article on Euro 2020. Who is the favorite and why?
23 May 2021
EPL 2020/21 final day
Summary of the last day of EPL action
23 April 2021
Test Blog
This is a test post
23 April 2021
SPL Young Player of the month - Khairin Nadim
Congratulations to Kharin Nadim on winning the Young Player of the month award in Singapore Premier League.

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