5 useful silkscreen printing tips.

What is t-shirts silkscreen printing and what are the characteristics?


Imagine silkscreen to be like using paint to create your logos over a mesh.  That's pretty much what is it.  Its a paint job actually.



  • Silkscreen makes sense if
    • You have a bigger qty
    • Your print is single color
    • Your print area is big

Can silkscreen multiple colors?

  • Yes you can.
  • Its more expensive because its charged by per color. so if you have 4 colors, its 4x the price.

Is it durable?

  • In general yes.  However it tends to crack and peel after sometime too.  Its not unbreakable.

Are silkscreen printing beautiful?

  • Compared to heat transfer or DTG, silkscreen printing is one of the most basic printing methods and was designed for mass production.
  • Its color will not be as vibrant as heat transfer. 
  • Very fine details will not be as sharp.
  • The edges would be rough upon close inspection.
  • It gets the job done at a lower cost

When NOT to use silkscreen printing?

  • when you have very complex artwork with very fine details
  • small qty
  • high expectations on print details and colors accuracy

In general, consider silkscreen for your t-shirts if your prints are just texts or simple logos and you have a certain quantity to run.


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How does silkscreen printing looked like?

This is a close up image of a silkscreen printed jersey.  Look carefully at the small words prints as well as the edge of the letters.  They are not super super clean cut and sharp upon close inspection.  However if you do not pay very close attention, it is very nice.

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