printing options

With a range of options available for your jersey printing, what is the best choice?


Heat transfer printing


By default, our soccer or basketball jerseys are printed using heat transfer also known as vinyl heat transfer.


Within heat transfer, there are single color prints (such as the usual name and number) and there are the color prints (such as logos).


Pros - Super clear and sharp image.  Can accurately capture and replicate your original logo design with little deviation.  Especially for corporate logos.

Cons - Higher costs especially if the logo print is big and in full color


Silkscreen printing


This method of printing is commonly used on low costs class tshirts where the design is repeated throughout the entire order.  Meaning every piece is the same.

We almost never use them on our jerseys printing due to the low quality prints effect.


Pros - Lower costs

Cons - Poor quality prints, coarse, not sharp, longer lead time, limitations on the type of designs.


Sublimation printing


This is a

Sports jersey printing guide
Sports jersey printing guide

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