Choosing the right sportswear supplier

Buying a set of sports jersey for your team or company is a big responsibility as you are answerable to all your team mates and your bosses. 


Therefore choosing the right and responsible supplier is probably the main thing that you should look at before committing any payment.


What could possibly go wrong?


Here are some real life experiences which my customers shared with me.


Buying from someone selling jerseys on Facebook and unregistered businesses.


1.  Customers lose their deposit after the seller disappear.  (It happens all the time).  You can take legal action but the legal costs are always more expensive than the jerseys so end up suck thumb and look for another supplier.


2.  Seller delay time and time again on the delivery schedule and causes you to miss the competition or company events date.


3.  Seller tells you that their jerseys are from Thailand and printed in Kelantan and need to deliver to Johor before coming to Singapore.  (You know you are in trouble...)


4.  Seller sends you the wrong jerseys design and forces you to accept it cos he knows you have no choice as its too late to source for an alternate supplier.


5.  Seller refuses to accepts responsibility after making mistakes with some of the jerseys (i.e print name wrongly etc).


6.  The quality and sizes of the jerseys you received are totally different from what was shown to you.


7.  Seller wants you to pay $50 for the delivery of the jerseys cos its from Malaysia to Singapore.


8.  Seller quoted very low price but after deposit received, demands for delivery fees, printing fees etc which was not disclosed beforehand.


9.  Getting fake jerseys,  If someone can sell $25 for a set of branded jerseys, you know that's too cheap to be true.


10.  Seller could a part time student or someone who is doing it part time and can't follow up on your orders closely.


11.  Seller without proper address ask to meet you in MRT station or void decks.  (You need to be wary as there will be no way to know where the seller are from).


Its true that sometimes there are bargains but to save that one or two dollars and risk losing the whole plot may not the best course of action.

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